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Los Angeles Marathon 2013 – Race Report Part Five


I finished the LA Marathon

In the Santa Monica parking structure with the prize, the 2013 Los Angeles Marathon Medal

This is my fifth 2013 Los Angeles Marathon race report post.

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I am chronicling my road to the 2013 Los Angeles Marathon finish line with the Los Angeles Roadrunners Run/Walk 5 training group.

Training with the group was over for 2013.


After a week of the nightly 5K training runs which were done very slowly, came some carbo loading.

Scheduling for the marathon race weekend had been prepared weeks in advance.

Oh, did I tell you that Sunday was also the first birthday of my grandson, James Phillip? And, James lives in San Diego?

The birthday party was scheduled at Peter Piper’s pizza for Saturday afternoon. A piece of cake…..

Friday was race bib pick up day and Race Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Greg and race bibReally “B” race corral = stepping up in the race world?

Nancy met Alice and me – in fact, she beat us there at the entrance. We took some photos, including the obligatory USC vs. UCLA one.

Nancy and GregCan you guess where we went to college?

After the bib pickup we ran into fellow Roadrunners.

We saw Alan Culver at the Roadrunner wristband distribution booth. The wristband allowed entry into the special Roadrunner section of Dodger Stadium.

We ran into Leon, who graciously obtained an extra race shirt for Alice and me. Thanks Leon!

We saw Flavia from Run/Walk 5.

Off we went to buy some race gear and to walk the Expo, including the Roadrunner booth.

The Expo was larger than I remember, but was nothing special until we met up with the actor Michael Sorich at the Roadrunner booth.

Michael SorichMichael Sorich – pizza??

Michael as always is funny!

We talked about how we always run into each other in the bathroom on marathon day. Yeah, it happened again, but I am getting ahead of the story!

We finished up walking the aisles at the Expo, and Alice texted our friend and fellow Roadrunner (but injured) Tara to meet us from lunch.

Lunch was at the French restaurant, Taix, where we have gone each of the last three years. Mary was to meet us there, but she got held up at the dentist for a crown cementation and was feeling a little sick anyway.

Tara on her crutch soon arrived and we enjoyed a meal – I had the French Dip with French Fries = lots of carbs there.

We finished up, hugs all around. Tara asked what I would like around mile 20 (near her home). I said pretzels and she said see you on Sunday.

If you recall, Tara and I were inseparable last year. We trained together, ran the marathon together and finished the 2012 LA Marathon together. She suffered a knee and hip inury during marathon training last year and after many months of physical therapy, recently had knee surgery. I sure hope she is better soon!

Tara and me with medalsTara and me in 2012

Now, the big drive to San Diego and a big drive it was. From downtown Los Angeles to our hotel on Hotel Circle it was 3 and 1/2 hours. Alice and I took driving shifts and stopped in San Juan Capistrano for Starbucks.

In the meantime, I was in touch with my daughter Allison for a Friday night visit with the soon to be birthday boy, my grandson James. We, also made dinner plans.

Grandpa and JamesMy grandson James Phillip at almost one year old. Granpa is happy!

Dinner was late and I had some Coke only, but then the surprise.

My son, Greg, Jr. who lives in Chicago had just arrived at the San Diego airport. I was completely and happily surprised.

All of my children and grandchildren were to be present at the birthday party tomorrow.

Alice and I planned to rest and get some sleep on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Mission accomplished, as we continued to carb load a little.

We checked out of the hotel and drove to the children’s pizza place and James’ first birthday party.

Alice James and Grandpa GregAlice, James and the smiling grandpa

It was wonderful seeing my daughters ( I have three), my son and other grandchild, Abbie.

Greg Abbie and AnnieMy son, granddaughter Abbie and my daughter Annie

Cake was eaten and the party ended around 4 PM.

Now, the long drive back to Thousand Oaks, a hit and run accident a few blocks from our apartment, a few hours of sleep and RACE DAY.