Take time away from your dental office and remain open for business (without placement agency fees)

Gregory Cole, D.D.S. providing temporary (locum tenens) dentistry services since 2003

Have you wanted to take a nice long vacation but had to postponed it because you were unable to take a break from your dental patients? Now you can take that vacation!

Do you need to be away for a few days a week due to unforeseen circumstances? Now there is a solution.

Maybe you are suffering from an illness, disability, or recovering from surgery, and you need some time away from the office to fully recover.

Dr. Gregory Cole can provide you with a reliable temporary solution regardless of your reasons for being away. You can take needed time off without having to close down your practice, lose income and risk losing patients to another dentist who is open for business

With Dr. Gregory Cole as your reliable Locum Tenens dentist, your office stays open, your revenues continue growing, your staff keeps working and your patients remain happy while you’re taking a much needed break.

Dr. Cole is a California State Board Licensed dentist, a University of Southern California, Los Angeles graduate with over twenty-five years of private practice clinical experience. He has been a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and the Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Association his entire career. Please see his CV and excellent references for additional information.


  • Interim, locum tenens and temporary dentistry without an agency fee
  • Substitute/semi-permanent dentistry
  • Long-term temporary dentistry for dental practices in probate
  • Fill-in associateship dentistry
  • Temporary dentistry management and consulting
  • Maternity Leave locum tenens dentistry
  • Temporary disability dentistry
  • Surgical or rehabilitation leave locum tenens dentistry
Gregory Cole, D.D.S.

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E-Mail: drgregorycole@smilesforalifetime.com