Oregon Dental Board Prohibits Groupon Type Coupon Dentistry


Paying for referrals has been prohibited for dental services since the early days of the 20th century because of the rampant abuse.

Oregon’s board of dentistry said daily-deal coupons, such as those sold by Groupon Inc., may violate rules barring the payment of commissions for referrals, and the state’s board of chiropractors has banned their use.

“The board has preliminarily determined that these may violate the unprofessional conduct rule,” the Oregon Board of Dentistry said on its website. The state’s board of chiropractic examiners has prohibited the use of “Groupon type fee-splitting arrangements,” according to a July 25 statement.

Groupon and other companies such as LivingSocial sell coupons that offer discounts on products and services from local businesses, making money by taking some of the revenue generated by the sale. Chiropractors in California, the most populous U.S. state, are likely to discuss the matter, said Robert Puleo, executive officer of the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

“That’s not something that my board has discussed — we haven’t received any complaints,” Puleo said in an interview. “But I am sure if it’s happening in Oregon, it’ll be coming to California, too.”

Ultimately, the California Dental Board will prohibit such deals as well – as unprofessional conduct.

The best referral for dental services does not come from a fee-sharing coupon deal. Come on folks!