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Yes, especially in female children, according to a new study.
Exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) during gestation appears to affect behavior and emotions measured at 3 years of age, especially among girls, according to a new report.

Joe M. Braun, MSPH, PhD, from the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health, Boston, Massachusetts, and colleagues published their findings online October 24 in Pediatrics.

According to the researchers, BPA, which is predominantly obtained through the diet, is ubiquitous in industrialized nations and might disrupt the endocrine system. BPA is used in “a variety of consumer products, including dental sealants, food/beverage containers and linings, medical equipment, and thermal receipts.”

The researchers’ previous work indicated that hyperactivity and aggression scores were increased in 2-year-old girls with high levels of gestational BPA exposure in a prospective birth cohort.

The current study sought to “determine whether” previously observed associations remained at 3 years of age, whether executive functions were affected by BPA exposure, and whether gestational or childhood BPA exposures had greater effects on neurobehavior.”

The implications can be many since BPA is contained in many dental materials.

It is best to avoid BPA exposure by avoiding certain canned and packaged food and polycarbonate bottles with the recycling symbol 7.

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